Rembang is a regency in the northeastern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Rembang. Situated on the northeast coast of Central Java Province, the regency is crossed by the North Coast inter-province main road.


Rembang Regency is lowland, with natural resources ranging from salt, mining products, batik Lasem to marine fisheries. In here, fishing village is easily found, in terms of fish farming as well as marine fishery. To many fishermen, fish is their staple income and consumption based on fresh catches and dried products which are then sent to various markets to be sold.


Recently, new policies regarding the development of Integrated Coastal Zone (KBT) has been set up by the local government with concern to marine and fisheries sector. The local government began to implement innovative policy by defining the concept of KBT development through more integrated policies that reflected in the initiation of commercial port development and to optimize fish production sector. The policy transition processes in chronologically have shown a significant transformation in the direction of the maritime development in Rembang Regency despite of its viable evolutionary implementation.


In addition to fisheries, in Rembang Regency, crafts such as tents/boatsails weaving, assembly of native boats, production of gunny sacks, ropes batik cloth and handkerchiefs can also be seen.


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